Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pet Caricatures

Who doesn't love caricatures? I've loved them since I was a kid. On a trip out west when I was 13, we went to several tourist theme parks. An artist drew a caricature of me and I thought it was just the neatest thing.

My interest lies in pets though. So after many years of painting both traditionally and digitally...I finally decided I feel comfortable enough with my skills to try this.

Here are my first pet caricatures. The first one I did was this bulldog. I love Bulldogs! Their expressions are so animated, and they make a perfect subject for any artwork, in my opinion.

I thought this fella in looked like he wanted a date. :) So he became my "Be My Valentine" design for this year. His artwork is on a variety of gifts in my shop.

After Mr. Bulldog, I decided I wanted to try a cat. So I pulled out a sweet pic of our little Oreo, and her caricature is the subject on my new "Kittens Rule" design at GalleryJai.

The next caricature is a Schipperke who owns a facebook friend of mine. :) I also thought of a Valentine's day design for her. Her caricature and her Valentine's day design are also on gifts in my shop.

And last but not least, there is my German Shepherd, Max. Since he's carrying a football, I decided to make his design relate to the sport. His caricature is based on this photo in a previous blog post. And his designs are also on gifts in my shop.

There's something about each and every one of these that makes me smile. After the last year, I'm certainly ready to smile again, and what a better way, than through the joy animals bring to me!

Hope everyone is having a good new year. :) --Jai

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