Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Have a Maine Coon Christmas

Our Sassy, the stray Maine Coon, makes a beautiful model in his Santa hat for Christmas. His painting turned out fabulous, but what do you expect with a subject that's so handsome? :)

Sassy's Christmas portrait is available on a variety of fun gift items at the GalleryJai.Com shop.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Painting: Too Much Tuna

This painting features a rare glimpse into Pistol's life. Most of our photos of him are crap, due to him being an indoor-only cat -- and due to the fact our house has poor lighting in the room he's normally in -- we always have to use a flash. Which distorts his colors and features. With him being a solid black cat, it makes it even worse!

Allyson had captured the below photo of him on Paul's bed. He was sitting (laying?) is his OH-MY-I'M-SO-STUFFED position. Despite the fact he doesn't eat tuna fish or anything other than his normal cat chow, I could "see him" with an empty can of tuna to go with his bloated look in the photo. So I decided to do a painting of him -- in the way I thought the scene should look.

I've titled this painting "Too Much Tuna". Cards, prints and other cool gifts are available at the GalleryJai.Com shop on Zazzle.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Life Lessons from a Cat 24 Month Calendar

I finished Oreo's new calendar and it's now available via Zazzle. Click below to see all the photos you get and words of wisdom from little Oreo. Even though she's gone, she will live on through her photos and messages! Individual greeting cards, note cards, mousepads, fine art prints, and collectible packs of ACEO art trading cards are also available with Oreo's Life Lessons here.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Oreo's Last Photos

The last two photos taken of Oreo...the first photo is the last GOOD photo of her, and the second one is the very last photo taken of her. I love how she has her tongue sticking out in that's almost like she's sending a message.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Animal Advocacy - Stop Animal Cruelty

In memory of Oreo and all the other pets and animals who have lost their lives at the hands of a human with no disregard for living beings, I have created a line of animal advocacy products to help bring awareness to this issue.

View the product and gift line here.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Murdering innocent pets and wildlife is a crime. Please visit JusticeforOreo.Com and help me get justice for my pets.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Justice for Oreo

I'm doing everything I can to get justice for my baby girl.

I finally called animal control myself, since I heard nothing from them. I was told I needed to speak with this man at the Dept. of Agriculture because a wild animal was killed (so far there has been one dog found, one cat (Oreo), one squirrel and the possum). The possum was the only physical evidence here. An officer from the state of TN called me and then came out.

The TN Dept of Agriculture officer was here over 2 hours. They
apparently do a very thorough investigation when wildlife has been killed.

The possum is on his way to Nashville where they will do a big battery of tests
to determine how he died. If they find poison, then the neighborhood
investigation will begin, which from what I understood him to say, they will
talk to everyone as well as search property for evidence of poison and/or other
dead animals.

The man wrote up a big affadavit I had to sign, took photos of EVERYTHING
including my posters I had put up for the missing cats. He also had the
neighbor that owns the property the possum was laying on (right
next door to the lunatic) sign an affadavit as to the possum being on his
property and giving permission for the officer to remove it.

This same lady (and her husband - now deceased) is reported to have poisoned this man's nephew's dogs 6 years ago. The nephew lived on another street with a
yard that backs up to the lunatic. The dogs were purebred search and rescue
dogs and dropped dead IN THEIR OWN FENCED YARD. That guy turned over every
stone to get her and her husband held accountable, but they didn't have enough
proof. BUT...even though there was also tons of dead wildlife in the yards here
at that time, no one ever called the wildlife commission or animal control or Dept of Agriculture!

These people are SUPER SERIOUS about wildlife poisonings/killings.

It might be a while until I find out anything on their findings. I'll get a
letter, he said. In the meantime, if more dead animals appear, I'll have to
contact the police each time. I've told all the neighbors and gave them my
incident # with the police so if THEY see one in their yard, they can call and
report it too.

This lady has messed with the wrong cats here. And the wrong person. We're thinking of putting up a reward sign for information leading to the conviction of the person who is poisoning domestic and wild animals in our neighborhood. A LOT of people saw my posters, and just maybe, someone who knows more or who has witnessed her doing it will come forward. The woman has a BIG MOUTH and I'm SURE she told someone what she was putting out as bait and where she is putting it.

I want justice for Oreo. And I don't want any other animals killed by this murderer. How can a person be so cruel and then so heartless as to throw my cat in the garbage, KNOWING I had posters out and was missing her? She is sick. SICK SICK SICK. I don't ever want to see her face again (except as they tote her off to jail, perhaps). I know I won't see her in heaven, because animal killers like this surely will go to hell.

UPDATE: Oreo's murder

I filed a police report this morning about Oreo's murder and also took the police officer and showed her the dead possum.

They are calling animal control about the possum.

According to the Tennessee code, if it can be proven that she is intentionally
killing these animals, she can be fined $2500-$300,000 and serve time in jail. PROVE is the key word's VERY hard to do with poisoning. The police told me not to go ON her property, but I can go all around it with my camera and if I see a dead animal (domestic or wild) I am to photograph it and call them immediately.

They had me assess a value on Oreo. I showed them some of her published works
(calendar, book, and greeting cards) and told them this cat earned me about
$2,500 in the past year and that we have had at least another $500 in vet bills for
her, as well as food expense.

I went back to one of the neighbors this morning and gave her my incident # the
police gave me, and told her if any more people report animals dead or if they
see any more dead over there, to call the police and report it and refer to that
#. If they get enough reports of animals dead in her yard or nearby, they can
zone in on the lady easier. It's just a shame more animals will probably have to
die to stop this. I also told the officer I was letting all of my neighbors
know - she said that was fine for me to do.

I'm thinking about putting another poster up - just not sure what to say on it? I thought about a reward for verifiable information about the poisoning of domestic and wild animals in our neighborhood. I also thought of simply writing "THOU SHALT NOT KILL" on it. She told me she is a "born again Christian" (after she screamed at me and threatened my other animals, as well as threatened the neighbors animals) As a Christian woman, she surely has seen that phrase before.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

OREO has been murdered

I found out today that Oreo has been murdered by a very cruel woman who is putting out poison in her yard - on PURPOSE - to kill any animal that wanders into her yard. She's killed Oreo, a dog, a possum and a squirrel. And she probably killed Mr. T as well.

I found this out through an anonymous phone call from a neighbor of mine.

The woman lives on Rebel Rd. in Jackson TN.

I don't know what I can do, but I'm going to start with filing a police report in the morning. I'm also going to get in touch with the wildlife commission, since she has also killed wildlife. According to the Tennessee code, there could be some serious fines involved. I'm sure it has to be proven, and I will certainly work on THAT.

I cannot believe my baby is gone, and so maliciously by the hands of this person who dares to call herself a Christian to my face today.

§ 39-14-201 et seq.**
Cruelty to animals

Intentional killing of animal

Class A Misdemeanor

Considered theft (ranges from Class A Misdemeanor to Class B Felony)


$2500 to $300,000

11 months, 29 days

11 months to 12 years

Monday, November 2, 2009

Lost cat in Jackson TN

I haven't posted here in so long because of all the turmoil going on with my life. And I'm sad to report in this post that my little baby Oreo is missing. It's been a week ago tomorrow that she's been gone, and we have no clue as to where she is. It's just like POOF, she up and disappeared.

If you're from Jackson, TN and reading this and you've seen her, please email me! She's small and long hair, and weighs 7lbs. And she's so sweet! We want her to come home.

Also, my black male cat, Mr. T., is also missing. His photo is below. He's a big boy, also long hair, with the longest white whiskers you've ever seen. He's a big pet...loves to sit on the lap and get petted. He's been gone 8 days.

I find it awful strange two of my cats have disappeared the same week. Oreo is spayed, but she still likes to roam around the neighborhood. I'm hoping a kind neighbor took her in and will see my posters I've put up and call me with her whereabouts.

Mr. T. is NOT neutered. He's been with us over a year now. And he's never been one to disappear. I think someone has befriended him as well and possibly taken him in, because he's just a big ole pet.

Both cats live in the south Jackson area near Southside high school behind Freds/Goodwill.

If you've seen either of them, please email me!