Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hope is like the sun.

Little Oreo is the subject of this inspirational photo design I just completed. Take a look at the cards:

The verse reads: Hope is like the sun. As we journey toward it, the shadows of our burdens fall behind us.

Say few prayers for Oreo, please...she has a cold and she is still coughing some. I hope it will clear up okay without a vet visit. I'm kinda "vetted out" lately with Lady's vet visits and medicine. Lady is feeling better (because of the pain meds), but the problem has still not been solved, and unfortunately, I can't afford the x-rays needed to find out what's going on. I hate it when my babies aren't well. Just like just want them to feel better and be okay!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's so hot in Tennessee

It's so hot here in Tennessee, all I can do is just flatten myself on a branch & wait for a breeze to come through.

Early Robin-hood

Hello! It's HOT here in Tennessee! But I'm staying cool back in the shaded area behind the trash cans. I don't know how to fly yet, but somehow I ended up on the ground and hopped around until I got here. Then this lady came up to take my picture. Aren't I cute?

Uh oh...the situation has suddenly turned DRASTIC! This big huge fuzzy MONSTER came up behind me and started smelling me! Oh no, how am I going to get away? I got so scared that I squawked really loud and moved...the monster pounced, but somehow missed me -- and then I saw the lady who took my picture holding the monster up in the air by the neck!!! PHEW! THANKS LADY!

And then I was saved!
And I've decided, it feels REALLY GOOD to be SAVED!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bootsie gets Today's Best on Zazzle!

I forgot to report this FABULOUS painting of Bootsie titled "Those Eyes" received a Today's Best award on Zazzle yesterday! How exciting! (and Bootsie certainly deserves it!)

It's Bathtime!

Yesterday we cleaned up our yard and we moved our bird feeder and bird bath to the middle of the front yard, where we could watch them better. Allyson has been anxiously awaiting for the birds to arrive and check things out. She managed to capture a little cardinal taking a bath - take a look at this cute video!

Monday, June 15, 2009

ACEO Art Trading Card Reproductions Wholesale/Bulk

This morning I've added a new section to my shop at Zazzle. This section is specifically for ACEO Art Trading Card prints in lots of 100. Above is an example of a framed art card.

ACEO's - also know as art trading cards - are perfect for sharing, trading, collecting, and framing. These cards are standard ACEO size (2.5x3.5") and are offered in packs of 100 art cards. They are fabulous for trading for other cards with fellow artists.

They also make terrific mini-gifts, either given in a greeting card, attached to a gift package, or matted and framed. They make perfect party and wedding favors - each person can take theirs home and frame it to their liking! Great for fundraisers, giveaways, and corporate or company gifts. They are also perfect for resale - most of Jai's ACEO reproductions sell for $5 and up, each on various online auction and art websites. These miniature art cards make great impulse buy gifts and are currently being sold both matted and unmatted in art galleries, vets offices, pet stores, gift shops, tourist locations and boutiques which carry artwork and home decor.

All in all , ACEO's makes great little gifts for all those who love to collect artwork and we're thrilled to be able to offer these cards on Zazzle.On the back, each card features the title of the art, the medium, and the artist's name. They are printed on the highest quality paper stock available (Made of a synthetic recyclable material, this paper type is water-resistant and virtually tear-proof.) We hope you'll stop by and take a look at the ACEO's we have to offer! New designs are being added daily.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Eye of the Shepherd

Allyson loves shooting up close photos of our German Shepherd dog Max, and I've been waiting for one that I felt was perfect to publish. I think I've found it in this photo, titled "Eye of the Shepherd". He has his "intense" look instead of his "worried" look. (he's very good at doing both of those looks!) I've made the photo available as fine art prints, as well as cards, magnets, buttons and even a mousepad at Zazzle.

Max is very glad the roof is done...those guys being here for a week had him all wound up! He finally did get used to them, but he still prefers his routine. This is probably the most routine dog I've ever had! And he can tell time, too...he knows *exactly* when walk time is, and when it's time to go outside for his morning and evening potty times. He's actually way too smart...I can't even say "It's time for the you-know-what" because he knows what "you-know-what" means. Guess I'll have to change terms again just to stay one step ahead of him! :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cat Art on SHOES!

I never thought I'd see the day when my art was available on shoes...this is simply amazing! Featuring my Siamese Cat Portrait.

Three Wild Kittens Moves to Zazzle!

It's official...our Three Wild Kittens calendar and corresponding photos are now on Zazzle! Photos for each month are available as cards and fine art prints, and of course if you purchase the calendar, you get a whole year's worth of gorgeous kitten imagery!

Friday, June 12, 2009

And it is done.

If you've been following my blog, I'm sure you remember THIS MONSTER TREE.

Here's another shot of it. was tall. Tall enough to uproot from my neighbor's house and land on our house...all the way down our driveway. As you can see, just a couple feet more to the right, and it would have landed right in the middle of the house itself. We were very blessed it landed where it did.

The above photo was taken right after it happened. I had NO CLUE what it would take to get this tree cleaned up and damage repaired.

So here we are, 2 months later. Thanks to Rick Webb of Webb's House Works in Jackson, TN and his *incredible*, hard working crew, it now looks like nothing ever happened to the house. Check out the finished product below (click the photos to see them larger):

What about them purty white new gutters? Sharp looking, aren't they?

Check out my black whirly birds and Rick even painted the chimney topper to match!

Sagging gutters on the front? No more! They look fab! all looks so smooth!

Ah...and maybe now, since the gutters are all fixed too, my little studio in the basement won't leak anymore! Hooray!

The end. Thank goodness. I never thought I'd be so excited to see a chapter of my life end...but this is one ordeal I was ready to put behind me. Thanks to Rick, Pete, and the rest of the guys who worked their tails off to get this done!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sweet Magnolias!

Yesterday I was riding my bike, and saw a magnolia tree in full bloom, with branches that were low enough for my short-self to actually get close to the blooms! Of course the camera was nowhere on me, so I had to ride back home and get it. :) I captured a few photos (okay, so it's more than a few...these are the only ones I've published so far) and I thought I'd share them here with you all, since I've been negligent AGAIN. (read below for more on that!)

This first photo, titled "Sweet Magnolia", looks like a painting - which was what I was after when I was shooting. I love magnolias - and I am nutso about magnolia paintings. One of my artist friends from here in Jackson does some AMAZING magnolia watercolors...we call her "the magnolia lady". :)

Love, love, love this second photo! I titled this one "Lure". I can't tell you how long I've tried to get decent photos of bees! So here I was photographing the flower and here came this little fact, I didn't see him until AFTER I snapped the photo. Nice surprise to find him there and that his photo is clear.

This third photo of a magnolia which has lost its petals, I titled "Time to Rest". Which is what I really should do. :)

But first, I wanted to say this: I won't be adding any more work to Cafepress. You'll notice the above links go to my Zazzle store. This is who I'll be having do my print-on-demand work from now on. In short - Cafepress's recent decision regarding paying artists only 10% (when we do all the work, including product design, SEO, description, etc, in addition to creating the art to "decorate" their plain white merchandise), is not one I agree with. Therefore, I am moving all of my work - actually I'm redesigning my website and everything will be hosted there in a gallery style, with a link to buy or license each image I put up. I've already pulled out of the Cafepress marketplace, but you can still purchase my items on products for a limited time via my two shops directly: here and here.

So that's one reason I haven't posted as much...I didn't anticipate having to do all this administrative work. The good news is, Zazzle is much easier to use and I have my shop set up properly now. Oh, and a little bit more good I won a "Today's Best Award" at Zazzle for my African Grey Parrot digital painting on cards. You can see the cards at the link...but you'll have to hurry if you want to see it included in the awards page - it only stays up there for today!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Roof Work in Jackson TN

The day has finally come....our roof is FINALLY getting fixed from the tree that fell on our house on April 6, 2009. Yes, almost 2 months later, insurance finally paid up. And I tell you what...these guys we hired are FABULOUS! They are working their tails off and doing a great job. I can't wait to see everything all complete.

Webb's House Works from Jackson, TN is the company doing the job for us. Need a roofer? I highly recommend this group! Out of all the people I called (8 people) - Rick Webb (owner) is one of 3 who actually 1) showed up when he said and 2) gave me an actual estimate. We did have two others who provided estimates, however, they were much higher priced than Rick. Not to mention, Rick worked on our behalf speaking to our insurance agent and explaining to him what needed to be done. Insurance paid more to us after speaking with Rick and we have had to put in very little of our own money to cover this work!

I highly recommend Rick Webb and his crew if you need roof work done here in Jackson, TN. Drop me an email if you'd like his number (his website isn't ready yet). Or you can email Rick directly here.

I'll take more photos when they're finished...if the weather holds out, they could be done by tomorrow afternoon. :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's Tree Frog Day!

Today I completed this elegant tree frog portrait. This image is available on products at MyTinyPet.Com. I'm also offering the large limited edition canvas prints of this gorgeous digital painting. And below, you'll see another tree frog design I also completed today...this one is for Christmas and offers a fun way for you to express your love of the delightful tree frog during the holiday season! Click the image below to see the Christmas product offerings.

Tree Frog Christmas

And for even MORE fun frog art, don't forget about my other website, HoppyHumor.Com! The featured design is appropriate for the upcoming holiday, 4th of July Independence Day. :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Portrait

Just completed my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel design! This image is available on products here.

Check out his Christmas image too!

New Christian Designs

Another project I've embarked on is a line of Christian designs, including a grouping of designs by state. Check out my "It's All About Him" division here. Designs are available on a wide variety of apparel, gifts, and other cool products!

New Pet Art, Limited edition canvas prints

This week I've added something new to my website....signed and numbered limited edition canvas prints of some of the pet and animal portraits I've been working on lately.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Portrait

Siamese Cat Portrait

Golden Eyes, a wolf portrait

Dogue de Bordeaux French Mastiff Portrait

And this colorful Basset Hound Portrait

These are large canvas prints, gallery wrapped (meaning the image wraps around the sides. They are stretched and ready to hang. I'm offering them in limited editions of 25. Pricing is available on the website.

Of course all of these designs are on a variety of products via too!