Thursday, August 18, 2011

Facebook Pets

I've been having some fun lately painting some of my facebook friends' pets.  

The first painting shown above features a pair of Cane Corso dogs, Ripley and Lucian.  I found two great head shots of them, and painted them together in one portrait.  This painting is available on prints here and merchandise here.

This is Harley the Shih Tzu.  He belongs to one of my long-time friends on Facebook and is spoiled rotten, from the sounds of things!  He is a beautiful example of the breed, and his painting is available on prints here and merchandise here.

And I couldn't resist doing this painting of Bunny the Kitten.  She is a sweet little calico, and was given her name "Bunny" because she hops around a lot.  Bunny's painting is available on prints here and merchandise here.

If you'd like to join my Facebook friends list, I may paint one of your pets as well!  Just click here and request a friendship.


Romantic Landscapes #4 and #5

Here's my two newest romantic landscapes in the series of 12 I'm working on.  The painting above is titled "Garden Kiss" and features a couple stealing a kiss on the garden walkway.  This painting is available on prints here and merchandise here.

This painting is titled "Wishing Pond" and features a couple sitting on a bench in front of a private miniature pond, making a wish together.  Wishing Pond is available on prints here and on merchandise here.

In the merchandise section, you'll notice the paintings are all available on wedding invitations.  These make fabulous choices if you're looking for a unique, artistic look for your wedding presentation!

Just seven more to go!

I hope you are enjoying these.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Going to the Chapel

This is painting #3 in my Romantic Landscape series.  Going to the Chapel actually features a couple I know.  A photo of them holding hands moved me, and since they were married recently, I thought it was quite fitting to use them for the inspiration for this painting.

Here's a close up showing the detail.  Going to the Chapel is available on products here.  There are 9 more paintings to go in this little series.


New Animal Paintings

 And birds too!  One bird anyway...the gorgeous peacock above. :)  This peacock painting is available here.

And here we have a stunning Snow Leopard.  I photographed this guy at the Memphis Zoo.  He made a great subject for a portrait! I love his golden eyes.  Snow Leopard cards and gifts are available here.

And then we have a tiger...once again, I met this fella at the Memphis Zoo. This tiger portrait is available here.

Here's one of the dogs I met at a local dog show.  This fella was belonged to a vendor who was selling dog treats, and he kept a close eye on everything.  This Pug portrait is available here.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Romantic Landscapes

I recently finished these two "romantic landscapes", as I call them.  I love peaceful and romantic scenes. These paintings are created using an impressionist style.  The first painting features lovers under a huge old tree. It's titled "Lover's Tree".  Check out the close up photo below:

 The Lover's Tree painting is available on a wide range of invitations, cards, and gifts in my shop.

I've titled this second painting "Secluded Stream".  It's a great place for a couple to meet and have an intimate moment. This painting is available on a variety of products here.

You can acquire fine art prints (plain, matted, or matted and framed) on paper and canvas in my other online gallery of work.

I plan on doing about 10 more of these romantic landscapes, for a total of 12 in the series. Hopefully I'll have them all done soon, as I'd love to offer everyone a new calendar in time for Christmas. :)