Thursday, October 30, 2008

Max is Getting Ready For Halloween

Max - the silly dog - is practicing being a ghost for Halloween in this photo. He found a BAG blowing down the street...I told him to bring it to me. As he was running, it blew back over his head...and he looks like a half-ghost!

#85 Let There Be Light

Somehow I figured this one is appropriate, with the election coming up in a few days.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

What's Happening at the Johnson Zoo

So what's been happening at the zoo lately? Well, Boots has been VERY active at night. She *loves* nighttime - as that's when she can get in the most trouble!

Pistol, on the other hand, likes to zen out at night. Here he is in his Budda pose....meditating away.

Rowdy is just like mom...he loves night time. On this particular night when we only saw ONE moon, somehow his energy managed to bring two more planets out of the darkness.

And Oreo....well she's been singin' on the stump on sunny days. :)

Nikko has been eating well, as you can see. She's gonna be one HUGE cat when she gets full grown!

Max has been practicing his yoga keeps him toned up for the sports of kitten and squirrel chasing.

P.S. Rowdy does sleep sometimes...during the day, of course. Here he is, zoned out in a new cat bed Allyson got him...replenishing his energy for the nightly activities to come.

And poor Lady...she used to be the only one and now she has to put up with all these others. Here she is sneaking around the back of the house, trying to get away from it all. Oh, and I see my gutter spout is not on top of the concrete block...better go fix that before I end up with water in the basement!

Friday, October 17, 2008

#84 A Simple Christmas Wish

As usual, Oreo our little Vogue Model, does a purrfect job.

You can help make sure Oreo gets to eat this Christmas when you purchase a package of her Christmas cards to send out this year.

#84 A Simple Christmas Wish Greeting Cards (20)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

#83 Rules of the Game...a cat's rules for basketball

Rowdy studies a cat's rules for basketball. :)

#83 Rules of the Game Greeting Cards (Pk of 10)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Black Cat Deep in Thought

Allyson go this great shot of Pistol (our indoor cat) sitting in the sun recently. I never noticed the little pattern around the edge of his eyes before. It's amazing how a photo can help you notice things you didn't know were there!

Allyson found some craft doll hair in a drawer here. What in the world I was ever going to do with that hair, I don't know. I think it came in a lot of stuff I bought on Ebay once. Anyway, it's been here for years. Poor Pistol was snoozing in the living room chair last night, and Allyson thought it'd be cute to see what the hair looked like on him. Needless to say, Pistol looks less than thrilled!

Here Max is checking out Pistol's new "do". Pistol is looking even more ticked off now!

And here he finally escaped, ditching the hair and getting down behind the chair where he wouldn't be bothered. "I cannot believe you did that to me," he says, under his breath as he gives me the evil eye. :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Who's watching you...

~You just never know who is watching you from high up in the trees~

So I'm standing out on the patio, waiting on my husband to finish making his delicious Sunday brunch today. And I see about 5 doves take off in a frenzy from the neighbor's yard. Seconds later, I saw the darkness of a huge wing span of a bird sailing low through the yard, and then WHOOSH...up in the tree she landed. I called for Allyson to bring the camera, and using the zoom, I managed to get this not-so-impressive shot of this very impressive hawk. Of course, I wanted a closer/better shot, so I headed quietly through the yard, trying to sneak up on the bird. By the time I got over there, she'd disappeared. I'm sure she moved to another tree, and I'm sure she was watching me, just as she is pictured here as she looks down on my neighbor's patio.

#81 Reflection

"Success is not measured by what one brings, but rather the reflection one leaves behind."

Photo by Allyson Johnson

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

#80 Waiting for Santa - featuring a Miniature Pinscher

I shot this photo at the vets office last week. This is Scrappy - he's a Miniature Pinscher and he had his back leg in a cast. He was there to have surgery. Despite the fact he had a cast on, he was constantly it was hard to get a good shot of him. I finally managed to get the photo above. I love his "look"...his's like he was waiting for something to enter the parking lot, and he was intense about it. I *hate* the background. It's too busy. So I looked through my other photos, and when I saw this one of the Christmas present, the idea hit me - Scrappy could be waiting for Santa...with a little graphic work, anyway. :)

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Friday, October 3, 2008

This one's for Kat.....

This was taken right out of my back door! (hahaha...don't I wish!) Actually, I thought Kat would enjoy this photo - it's from her home state of Colorado and was taken by my neighbor the super photographer, Bill. He and his wife just came back from a trip out there - he said he got some beautiful pics and if this one is any indication, I can't wait to see the rest! Talk about one of God's masterpieces...I think this view really qualifies!