Friday, December 12, 2008

The kittens had a friend visiting tonight.

This isn't the first time this big guy was here...but it might be the last because tonight I scared him so bad, he might never come back!

And where were the kittens during all of this? Lounging on the chairs watching him eat.

Oh, btw, we've had our first injury....Oreo was injured in a fight yesterday. She has a chunk of fur missing off of one foot. I'm training Max to chase away the other cats that come around, but this happened when he was inside and I let him out as soon as I heard the squalling and screaming, but not soon enough. Our little fuzzball had blood on her belly fur, which Allyson noticed later, and after inspecting her closely, I found the injury. She seems to be fine, though...she's been playing and being her normal self today.

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Iris said...

Oh, poor Oreo. I'm glad Max is learning to protect them. Interesting visitor.