Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow day for the crew!

We *finally* got some snow here in TN. Here's some photos of the crew:

This is the 1st snow for the kittens. They walked in it, looked at it strangely, shook their paws off and went back to bed. Here's Mom and the girls, huddled under the heat lamp all together, looking less than thrilled with the white stuff and colder temps.

And then I let Max out. The fun begins:

Wow...this is fun!

Do I look older and more distinguished with my white moustache?

C'mon Allyson, throw that snowball! I'm ready!

Where'd it go?

I can't find it in all this white stuff!

It's got to be in here SOMEWHERE....

Well I'll just make a new snowball!

This stuff is cold on the feet! Gotta keep moving!

Found me a good stick...
'll just run with that instead of fooling with those disappearing snow balls!

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