Monday, July 5, 2010

A little BIG EYE art

I have had two delicious days to myself. Although most of the 1st one was spent with a migraine that was trying to attack me, I didn't have to leave the house for anything. Which means...I could actually allow my creativity to emerge again! As soon as I was able, I went down to the studio and began this color pencil painting. It all worked so perfectly (I love it when that happens!). Stroke after stroke, this artwork titled "Uncle Sam" came together easily.

It all began when I was browsing through my photos from the dog show. When I saw the shot of this Pekingese pup, I could just see him wearing patriotic gear for the 4th of July. I could also see him as a BIG EYE dog...a form of art I've been meaning to try for years with my animals. So while I felt I was dying on the 4th, I managed to infuse life into this little fella with my Prismacolors.

This is the first time I've used vellum paper (1oo lb) and I LOVE IT. I think it's what made the painting flow so smoothly. I'm so excited with how this one turned out, I've decided to keep on with the big eye animals, and some other critters like birds and reptiles. I'm going to do them all in color pencil, and under my brush name of Silajai, which I haven't used in several years. I've even set up a separate website address to showcase just these works of art. I hope you'll stop by and bookmark it. With my work schedule, who knows when the next one will be done. I know it will frustrate the stew out of me not to be able to work on my art as much as I'd like, but who knows, maybe the originals will begin selling and I'll be able to do what I'm supposed to be doing again - painting and illustrating.

As always, thanks for stopping by, and thanks for sharing my blog and websites with your fellow art lovers.


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