Friday, January 6, 2012

#6 Nosey Rosie (horse) - Photo A Day - PAD

I bet you all thought I was going to put up another kitten photo.  Not so!  This is what was in my face when I attempted to photo the kittens the first time I went down to the barn yesterday.  This is Rosie, and I call her "Nosey Rosie" because she always has her nose in whatever I'm doing at the barn.  I was all poised to get some shots of the wild kittens, and I heard something behind me.  When I turned around, this is what greeted me - Rosie with her nose almost inside my lens.  Silly horse!  She's a sweetheart though...unless she doesn't like something you're doing, and then she can get snotty.  She was sweet yesterday -- just being curious.

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