Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kitchen Redo Part 1

Before I get started on my big kitchen counter redo, I thought I'd share some photos of what I've got to work with here.  White counters, with a green veined/marbled pattern in them.  Against my brown wood (with dark wood grain and golden tones) paneled cabinetry.  So I've decided not to change the color of the wood, but work with it.  I just can't stand the high contrast of the wood with the white counters (which were damaged and stained before we moved in).  Since I've decided to leave the cabinetry alone, the counters will be getting a remodel.

Here's the other counter.

The cabinet hardware is probably about 30 years old.  I've decided to upgrade it in brushed stainless hardware to match some of the newer appliances.  My son will be replacing the hardware for me today while I'm at work.  The cabinets should all look like this when I get home:

Eventually, I'll also get knobs or drawer pulls for the 15 drawers, as well as updated hinges for all of these cabinets.  But for now, I'm focused on getting the counters complete.

How do you like that avocado green stove? :)  Eventually it will be replaced, along with the lovely avocado green venthood above it.  Counters first though!  See that lovely burn mark near the stove?  We've lived with that for 10 years and I'm so ready to cover that up!  I've also got a unique tile backsplash plan for that paneled area above the stove top.  But....counters first.

How do you love my pile of receipts and junk under the board we've been using to hang keys on for years?  Lovely, isn't it!  IT'S ALL GOING.  The receipts and papers we need to keep will be contained.  And my son will be putting up the new keyholder today.  We have to get this area of the counters cleaned off so I can begin the counter project.  Which will be starting very soon!


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