Wednesday, November 5, 2008

#86 Upside Down

Frustrated? Don't understand things? Fed Up? Pullin' your hair out? Nikko has the answer...

Sometimes the world makes more sense when you look at it upside down. (only a cat could be so ingenious to figure that out!)

So what's been going on here in Jackson, TN...well...I've been busy working on my jewelry, working Ebay, working other websites...just trying to keep food on the table for us and the furbabies. So I've been a little lax in my daily photo, and I guess I'm catching up all in one day.

The is still shining here in Jackson (but I hear we might have rain tomorrow).

The leaves are turning colors too (photo courtesy of my super-photographer-neighbor Bill!).

Oreo has been spending these warm fall days relaxing. Here she is lounging on Bill and Linda's bench. Looks like she is starting a conversation with Bill's camera. (wonder what she was saying???)

And then there's Rowdy...always into something, of course. Here Allyson captured him on Bill and Linda's bird bath. Apparently he has a fascination with it lately!

Aha! I think he has spotted a bird! (don't fall in, Rowdy!)

After a day of bird bath adventures, Rowdy was ready for a nap. Oh...but Allyson wasn't done with him yet! He doesn't seem to care too much either way.

Merry Christmas everyone! (just in case I get REALLY REALLY busy with all of my sales and don't post here again for a while...LOL)

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Z-ville said...

Your little furkitties are growing up, aren't they. They are so, so cute.....