Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oreo Visits Inside the House

Allyson is sneaking the kittens at a time. It's been raining here all she brought Oreo in to "dry her off". (yeah, okay....LOL) After she was dry, she took a seat on my lap at my desk, but was looking for some kind of entertainment. Here, Oreo, how about a tray of Mom's new jewelry? Hmmm...not too interested.

Okay wanna try typing? I think she wants down.

Aha! Success...Oreo likes Mom's tape measure...that entertained her for about 10 minutes.

Then she passed some kitty gas and I decided it was time for her to get some fresh air (and me too!)

Oh, and we saw her Daddy tonight...actually we MET him. He is marked up just like her but short hair...a big friendly tom cat. He spent about 15 minutes here and then disappeared. He looks very healthy and well-fed, so I'm sure he's someone's pet around here. Oreo wasn't too thrilled with him though...she hissed at him.

I'd like to also say a special THANK YOU to the kittens' "Godparents" for a nice big bag of kitten chow they brought over last night. Food makes them very happy! :)

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Iris said...

Great shots. That darned cat is so very photogenic!