Sunday, October 5, 2008

Who's watching you...

~You just never know who is watching you from high up in the trees~

So I'm standing out on the patio, waiting on my husband to finish making his delicious Sunday brunch today. And I see about 5 doves take off in a frenzy from the neighbor's yard. Seconds later, I saw the darkness of a huge wing span of a bird sailing low through the yard, and then WHOOSH...up in the tree she landed. I called for Allyson to bring the camera, and using the zoom, I managed to get this not-so-impressive shot of this very impressive hawk. Of course, I wanted a closer/better shot, so I headed quietly through the yard, trying to sneak up on the bird. By the time I got over there, she'd disappeared. I'm sure she moved to another tree, and I'm sure she was watching me, just as she is pictured here as she looks down on my neighbor's patio.

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