Saturday, October 25, 2008

What's Happening at the Johnson Zoo

So what's been happening at the zoo lately? Well, Boots has been VERY active at night. She *loves* nighttime - as that's when she can get in the most trouble!

Pistol, on the other hand, likes to zen out at night. Here he is in his Budda pose....meditating away.

Rowdy is just like mom...he loves night time. On this particular night when we only saw ONE moon, somehow his energy managed to bring two more planets out of the darkness.

And Oreo....well she's been singin' on the stump on sunny days. :)

Nikko has been eating well, as you can see. She's gonna be one HUGE cat when she gets full grown!

Max has been practicing his yoga keeps him toned up for the sports of kitten and squirrel chasing.

P.S. Rowdy does sleep sometimes...during the day, of course. Here he is, zoned out in a new cat bed Allyson got him...replenishing his energy for the nightly activities to come.

And poor Lady...she used to be the only one and now she has to put up with all these others. Here she is sneaking around the back of the house, trying to get away from it all. Oh, and I see my gutter spout is not on top of the concrete block...better go fix that before I end up with water in the basement!

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