Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oreo's Not Happy & Some Other Photos

Oreo is NOT happy. She had to have a vet visit today. "Grandpa Bill" suggested I take her because she's lost an excessive amount of weight this past week, and I agreed she needed to go. It was a good thing I took her...she has hookworms! She got poked and prodded and had a Feline Leukemia test (negative, thank goodness!). Then she had worming medicine, and she has to have this other "high calorie food" which is like a pasty-vaseline kind of stuff that will help stimulate her appetite and get her weight going back the right direction.

She's not happy about ANY of it. NONE. So...since I'm the one who took her to this "monster" who manhandled her, she's mad at ME. I've tried to explain it was necessary to help her feel better, but she has no interest in hearing anything I've got to say, as you can see by her photo.

Here's some other recent photos for you to enjoy. Here we have Mr. T. He's not unhappy with me (though he also received worming meds when I got home) fact, he just wants his belly rubbed. Upside down, he looks like a skunk! Gotta love this pose. :)

This next photo is a bug. I think some kind of moth. Bill told Allyson it is a Sphynx Moth or something like that. I think it's one of the most artistic looking moths I've ever seen!

And here we have one of our neighborhood mushrooms. A cell phone is next to it for reference as to the size. This is the biggest one I've seen so far this year. Looks like a HUGE pancake!

Allyson has worked on a series of cat photos - which I'm going to be doing a project with for Christmas art. I look forward to sharing those with you soon!

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