Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Painting: Too Much Tuna

This painting features a rare glimpse into Pistol's life. Most of our photos of him are crap, due to him being an indoor-only cat -- and due to the fact our house has poor lighting in the room he's normally in -- we always have to use a flash. Which distorts his colors and features. With him being a solid black cat, it makes it even worse!

Allyson had captured the below photo of him on Paul's bed. He was sitting (laying?) is his OH-MY-I'M-SO-STUFFED position. Despite the fact he doesn't eat tuna fish or anything other than his normal cat chow, I could "see him" with an empty can of tuna to go with his bloated look in the photo. So I decided to do a painting of him -- in the way I thought the scene should look.

I've titled this painting "Too Much Tuna". Cards, prints and other cool gifts are available at the GalleryJai.Com shop on Zazzle.

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