Wednesday, November 4, 2009

UPDATE: Oreo's murder

I filed a police report this morning about Oreo's murder and also took the police officer and showed her the dead possum.

They are calling animal control about the possum.

According to the Tennessee code, if it can be proven that she is intentionally
killing these animals, she can be fined $2500-$300,000 and serve time in jail. PROVE is the key word's VERY hard to do with poisoning. The police told me not to go ON her property, but I can go all around it with my camera and if I see a dead animal (domestic or wild) I am to photograph it and call them immediately.

They had me assess a value on Oreo. I showed them some of her published works
(calendar, book, and greeting cards) and told them this cat earned me about
$2,500 in the past year and that we have had at least another $500 in vet bills for
her, as well as food expense.

I went back to one of the neighbors this morning and gave her my incident # the
police gave me, and told her if any more people report animals dead or if they
see any more dead over there, to call the police and report it and refer to that
#. If they get enough reports of animals dead in her yard or nearby, they can
zone in on the lady easier. It's just a shame more animals will probably have to
die to stop this. I also told the officer I was letting all of my neighbors
know - she said that was fine for me to do.

I'm thinking about putting another poster up - just not sure what to say on it? I thought about a reward for verifiable information about the poisoning of domestic and wild animals in our neighborhood. I also thought of simply writing "THOU SHALT NOT KILL" on it. She told me she is a "born again Christian" (after she screamed at me and threatened my other animals, as well as threatened the neighbors animals) As a Christian woman, she surely has seen that phrase before.

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