Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Justice for Oreo

I'm doing everything I can to get justice for my baby girl.

I finally called animal control myself, since I heard nothing from them. I was told I needed to speak with this man at the Dept. of Agriculture because a wild animal was killed (so far there has been one dog found, one cat (Oreo), one squirrel and the possum). The possum was the only physical evidence here. An officer from the state of TN called me and then came out.

The TN Dept of Agriculture officer was here over 2 hours. They
apparently do a very thorough investigation when wildlife has been killed.

The possum is on his way to Nashville where they will do a big battery of tests
to determine how he died. If they find poison, then the neighborhood
investigation will begin, which from what I understood him to say, they will
talk to everyone as well as search property for evidence of poison and/or other
dead animals.

The man wrote up a big affadavit I had to sign, took photos of EVERYTHING
including my posters I had put up for the missing cats. He also had the
neighbor that owns the property the possum was laying on (right
next door to the lunatic) sign an affadavit as to the possum being on his
property and giving permission for the officer to remove it.

This same lady (and her husband - now deceased) is reported to have poisoned this man's nephew's dogs 6 years ago. The nephew lived on another street with a
yard that backs up to the lunatic. The dogs were purebred search and rescue
dogs and dropped dead IN THEIR OWN FENCED YARD. That guy turned over every
stone to get her and her husband held accountable, but they didn't have enough
proof. BUT...even though there was also tons of dead wildlife in the yards here
at that time, no one ever called the wildlife commission or animal control or Dept of Agriculture!

These people are SUPER SERIOUS about wildlife poisonings/killings.

It might be a while until I find out anything on their findings. I'll get a
letter, he said. In the meantime, if more dead animals appear, I'll have to
contact the police each time. I've told all the neighbors and gave them my
incident # with the police so if THEY see one in their yard, they can call and
report it too.

This lady has messed with the wrong cats here. And the wrong person. We're thinking of putting up a reward sign for information leading to the conviction of the person who is poisoning domestic and wild animals in our neighborhood. A LOT of people saw my posters, and just maybe, someone who knows more or who has witnessed her doing it will come forward. The woman has a BIG MOUTH and I'm SURE she told someone what she was putting out as bait and where she is putting it.

I want justice for Oreo. And I don't want any other animals killed by this murderer. How can a person be so cruel and then so heartless as to throw my cat in the garbage, KNOWING I had posters out and was missing her? She is sick. SICK SICK SICK. I don't ever want to see her face again (except as they tote her off to jail, perhaps). I know I won't see her in heaven, because animal killers like this surely will go to hell.

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