Monday, November 2, 2009

Lost cat in Jackson TN

I haven't posted here in so long because of all the turmoil going on with my life. And I'm sad to report in this post that my little baby Oreo is missing. It's been a week ago tomorrow that she's been gone, and we have no clue as to where she is. It's just like POOF, she up and disappeared.

If you're from Jackson, TN and reading this and you've seen her, please email me! She's small and long hair, and weighs 7lbs. And she's so sweet! We want her to come home.

Also, my black male cat, Mr. T., is also missing. His photo is below. He's a big boy, also long hair, with the longest white whiskers you've ever seen. He's a big pet...loves to sit on the lap and get petted. He's been gone 8 days.

I find it awful strange two of my cats have disappeared the same week. Oreo is spayed, but she still likes to roam around the neighborhood. I'm hoping a kind neighbor took her in and will see my posters I've put up and call me with her whereabouts.

Mr. T. is NOT neutered. He's been with us over a year now. And he's never been one to disappear. I think someone has befriended him as well and possibly taken him in, because he's just a big ole pet.

Both cats live in the south Jackson area near Southside high school behind Freds/Goodwill.

If you've seen either of them, please email me!

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Carole and Chewy said...

Hoping the babies find their way home!