Sunday, July 17, 2011

A hurting heart

Tabby Cats and Kittens 2011 Calendar calendar
It's 2 weeks ago we lost our dog Lady, and now we have lost our young, vibrant, fun kitty cat, Molly.  Molly apparently swallowed something sharp, which was stuck and making her bleed inside and they wanted to do surgery to get whatever it was out.  We could not afford the high cost of surgery, so we had to let her go. :(

I am heartbroken. Molly is the cover girl shown on my Tabby Cats & Kittens calendar above.  Despite the fact I have two other furry friends in the house, my house feels so empty. Max, the German Shepherd, is laying around depressed and quiet...Molly was his play buddy.  He loved her and she loved him. I'm trying to keep him busy and entertained, but it's hard to do when the tears keep flowing.

I know they say "everything happens for a reason", but I can't even imagine what could be the reason for having 2 of my best friends taken from me so suddenly and so close together. My heart just hurts.


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