Sunday, July 31, 2011

In the Forest

Recently we visited Cypress Grove Park here in Jackson, TN.  It's gorgeous inside the park, which is actually a boardwalk trail that winds deep into the forest.  It's very peaceful and serene, and I was able to get some beautiful photos.  Unfortunately, because of the darkness, the camera doesn't make the best pictures.  So these require quite a bit of editing before publishing.

I love the photo above, as it gives a glimpse of the sunlight coming in through the trees.  But of course, I thought it needed more color.  This is one of those scenes which would look wonderful if it would really glow from the sunlight.  So....I did a bit of editing, and this is how the photo looks now:

Full of rich color, an inviting scene has been created for the viewer.  I decided to take things one step farther and add some words of inspiration:

It reads:  BE STILL in the darkness and I will LIGHT your way.  This gorgeous image from "The Grove" is available on cards, prints and gifts here.  It's also available as fine art paper and canvas prints, matted and/or framed, in this gallery here.

I have some other great scenes I'll be sharing soon from this park visit, and a few birds of prey photos as well.  This park rescues injured, wild birds and keeps them in captivity until they heal, and there were several there when we visited.


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