Friday, July 1, 2011

Wild Cat Collection

I finally completed all of the wild cats in the Color Splash Photo Wildlife Series.  Click on the flyer above to see them all - and of course all of these images are available on cards, prints, and gifts in the Color Splash store, as well as on canvas prints in my Fine Art America gallery here.

The only cat I didn't include in the wildlife series is the female lion.  I was hoping to capture a great photo of a male lion, however, there wasn't one present at the Memphis Zoo on the day we visited for our photography session.  I felt the female lion photo wasn't as good as the others shown above.

The Cheetah and the Snow Leopards were the most active cats.  The tigers were being fairly lazy.  Maybe if we'd have been there closer to feeding time, the tigers would have been more active!

What's amazing to me is how much these big cats resemble my domestic house cats with their actions - just in bigger size and much more grandiose. :)  I've heard time and time again the domestic house cats are "little tigers", and after observing these big cats, I have to agree.


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