Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Kitten Painting ~ New Color Splash Photos

I know I haven't posted much lately...Last week was horrible. My father went in for a "repair" surgery and suffered a massive heart attack. He actually died twice, but they were able to revive him. There appears to be no brain damage, which is wonderful, and he has been coming around very well. He's still in ICU, however, and the nurse today told me he had kind of a rough day. And today is his birthday. He is 70. She said they were going to have a party for him. I sure wish I could be there...he's in Colorado Springs and I'm stuck here in the 100+ degree TN heat with no way to be able to go. :( So I've been rather upset.

Like always, however, I try to take my mind of things I can't control by delving into my creative works. I have completed a couple of new photos in my Color Splash series, both shown here.

"The Monarch" (butterfly), and "On a Wire", which features a bluebird.

I've also managed to complete a new digital oil painting of Molly, one of our kittens. I paired her with the same butterfly in the first photo and titled it "Me and My Monarch".

The kittens and their mom are being spayed/neutered on July 5, and will also have their shots. After that, they will all be ready to go to new homes. You can see their photos in this facebook album. Please email me if one of them captures your heart - I'd be happy to reserve him/her for you and your family!

Thanks so much for stopping in to view my work and for sharing my website with fellow art lovers! Comments are always welcome.

♥ Jai
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