Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A little birthday fun...

I think I've mentioned my neighbor who feeds the squirrels before. Well, he has this favorite one named "Scamper" that comes up to him. He goes out every morning before daylight and drops seeds around the trees...and this one tree in between our houses is kind of "squirrel central" for the morning feeding.

When his wife Linda told me that today Bill is *60*, I thought it would be fun to put a birthday greeting up from Scamper...so on this tree between the houses, Allyson and I made a huge sign and nailed it to the tree after dark last night, so Bill would find it this morning.

On the sign, we drew actual squirrel footprints, and taped on a B&W photo of one of his squirrels (not sure if it's Scamper, but I have not mastered the art of telling the squirrels apart yet! haha!) I had taken this photo of the squirrel while trying to photograph hummingbirds over there last week. So we added that photo to the sign for extra effect. :)

It is daylight now, and the sign is gone, so I'm assuming he found it (either that or the squirrels ate it!). So I feel it's safe to now post a photo of our handiwork in the blog now without ruining our surprise. Feel free to leave some comments wishing Bill a happy 60th birthday...he does read the blog, so he will see the comments!



Iris said...

Love the sign - and what a nice thing for ya'll to do, I'm sure he loved it too!

Islipian said...

That's so fun! I love it!