Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pistol & Max

Well we've finally done it....Allyson and I have been talking about starting a pet photography business, so we have. We're working in the Jackson, TN area and rather than the standard "bring your pets to a studio with backdrops and props", we go to the pet's home and photograph the pet in his/her natural environment....just like we do our own! We've set up a website...check it out at http://www.JaiAllyson.Com.

One of our test shots of Max is shown here. I took about 75-100 photos before I managed to get this one....this is the profile look I've been after with him for a while. It's difficult because this dog is ALWAYS moving!

At this time, we're only going to focus on outdoor photo shoots...indoors is just too tricky with lighting. We may still be able to do some indoor shoots - IF the lighting is decent enough. We were practicing on our indoor shooting in our home...(bad lighting here...very dark in our house except for a few rooms). And we picked our black cat Pistol to practice with, which was super challenging.

I didn't want to use a flash as that distorts his coloring and makes everything look...well..."flashy". We've taken probably 1,000 photos of this cat over the years, and I finally....yes...FINALLY....got a decent shot of him yesterday! Thought I'd share a few examples here.

This photo is a good one of him...but the coloring is too warm. After some adjustments in my software, I toned down the warmth and got the coloring more accurate, as shown in the second example.

But the final photo shown here really takes the cake...it got the coloring true right off the bat! To photograph him, we took him in the front bedroom. The sun hits the front of the house late in the day. So we opened up the curtains and turned on all the lights in the room so I wouldn't have to use a flash. Most photos turned out blurry because he kept moving, but I'm glad we managed to get these two.

So until I figure out a solution to indoor photos with no flash, I think we'll try to stick to outdoor shots. :)



Z-ville said...

I love the pet photography idea. I would much rather have the photographer come to me to take pics at my dog's home. Much less stressful for the pet (and the owner). Max is a beautiful dog!

Iris said...

What a great idea Jai - hope it works out well for you and Allison. You're both so talented in the photo department with pets. I had a professional photo of Frosty done once - he wasn't pleased.