Monday, September 8, 2008

#70 Think Pink (breast cancer awareness)

Allyson got this fabulous photo of Oreo this weekend and I didn't have a clue as to what words I would put with this one. This morning it hit me - with Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, I knew I had the purrfect image.

I've participated in functions for Breast Cancer Awareness over the past 3 years. My gallery owner, Rachel, got me involved in 2005. Some of my jewelry friends might remember this piece of jewelry, and the article. The piece of jewelry was given away to a registrant at our October luncheon. The most fitting thing was the person who won the necklace had a young daughter who had fought - and survived - breast cancer. I got to meet the daughter at the end of October. What a brave lady!

So this design is my contribution this year. Thanks to Oreo for looking so sweet in pink, and thanks to Allyson for the photograph!


#70 Think Pink 2.25" Button


Michael said...

Great Job!

Perfect for the occassion.


Iris said...

Okay, guess I'm gonna have to break down and buy one of those pins.

Since having breast cancer I'm drawn to anything for awareness and with that adorable kitten it's bound to get attention!!!

Great job - as usual.

Jai Johnson said...

Iris...and you are a SURVIVOR! CONGRATS! (and thanks for the compliment)