Friday, September 5, 2008

Three Wild Kittens...coming soon!

Here's the cover of our calendar featuring our 3 wild furbabies....:). Allyson shot the cover shot. She took about 150 photos and we narrowed it down to 2 for the cover. This is the one we ultimately chose, as it shows their sweet little faces the best!

The whole array of 150 photos would be worth's so funny as you can tell how much trouble she was having getting all three to stay together, look up, keep their eyes open, their mouths shut, etc. There's a couple photos where Rowdy has Oreo in a choke hold, another where he's batting her head with his paw, etc. There's one of Oreo giving Rowdy a big slurpy kiss and one of her cleaning his EAR of all things! LOL Quite the adventure....all to get that one perfect shot.

If all goes well, the calendar will be released by Monday and will be available at JaiCards.Com. I hope we have a TON of sales - these little gems are GROWING and we keep running out of cat they all need a vet visit soon for spaying and neutering!



Iris said...

As always - love the kitten photos! And it seems Allison is becoming quite a photographer.

Jai Johnson said...

Thanks Iris! I definitely think she's headed on the right track to a career in photographing animals, for sure!

Kat Simpson said...

They are so cute! Kat