Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Early Robin-hood

Hello! It's HOT here in Tennessee! But I'm staying cool back in the shaded area behind the trash cans. I don't know how to fly yet, but somehow I ended up on the ground and hopped around until I got here. Then this lady came up to take my picture. Aren't I cute?

Uh oh...the situation has suddenly turned DRASTIC! This big huge fuzzy MONSTER came up behind me and started smelling me! Oh no, how am I going to get away? I got so scared that I squawked really loud and moved...the monster pounced, but somehow missed me -- and then I saw the lady who took my picture holding the monster up in the air by the neck!!! PHEW! THANKS LADY!

And then I was saved!
And I've decided, it feels REALLY GOOD to be SAVED!

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