Monday, June 15, 2009

ACEO Art Trading Card Reproductions Wholesale/Bulk

This morning I've added a new section to my shop at Zazzle. This section is specifically for ACEO Art Trading Card prints in lots of 100. Above is an example of a framed art card.

ACEO's - also know as art trading cards - are perfect for sharing, trading, collecting, and framing. These cards are standard ACEO size (2.5x3.5") and are offered in packs of 100 art cards. They are fabulous for trading for other cards with fellow artists.

They also make terrific mini-gifts, either given in a greeting card, attached to a gift package, or matted and framed. They make perfect party and wedding favors - each person can take theirs home and frame it to their liking! Great for fundraisers, giveaways, and corporate or company gifts. They are also perfect for resale - most of Jai's ACEO reproductions sell for $5 and up, each on various online auction and art websites. These miniature art cards make great impulse buy gifts and are currently being sold both matted and unmatted in art galleries, vets offices, pet stores, gift shops, tourist locations and boutiques which carry artwork and home decor.

All in all , ACEO's makes great little gifts for all those who love to collect artwork and we're thrilled to be able to offer these cards on Zazzle.On the back, each card features the title of the art, the medium, and the artist's name. They are printed on the highest quality paper stock available (Made of a synthetic recyclable material, this paper type is water-resistant and virtually tear-proof.) We hope you'll stop by and take a look at the ACEO's we have to offer! New designs are being added daily.

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