Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hope is like the sun.

Little Oreo is the subject of this inspirational photo design I just completed. Take a look at the cards:

The verse reads: Hope is like the sun. As we journey toward it, the shadows of our burdens fall behind us.

Say few prayers for Oreo, please...she has a cold and she is still coughing some. I hope it will clear up okay without a vet visit. I'm kinda "vetted out" lately with Lady's vet visits and medicine. Lady is feeling better (because of the pain meds), but the problem has still not been solved, and unfortunately, I can't afford the x-rays needed to find out what's going on. I hate it when my babies aren't well. Just like just want them to feel better and be okay!


Iris said...

Ohhh, Oreo is my favorite. I'll be praying!

Jai Johnson • GalleryJai.Com said...

Hey Iris...Oreo is better! :)