Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Roof Work in Jackson TN

The day has finally come....our roof is FINALLY getting fixed from the tree that fell on our house on April 6, 2009. Yes, almost 2 months later, insurance finally paid up. And I tell you what...these guys we hired are FABULOUS! They are working their tails off and doing a great job. I can't wait to see everything all complete.

Webb's House Works from Jackson, TN is the company doing the job for us. Need a roofer? I highly recommend this group! Out of all the people I called (8 people) - Rick Webb (owner) is one of 3 who actually 1) showed up when he said and 2) gave me an actual estimate. We did have two others who provided estimates, however, they were much higher priced than Rick. Not to mention, Rick worked on our behalf speaking to our insurance agent and explaining to him what needed to be done. Insurance paid more to us after speaking with Rick and we have had to put in very little of our own money to cover this work!

I highly recommend Rick Webb and his crew if you need roof work done here in Jackson, TN. Drop me an email if you'd like his number (his website isn't ready yet). Or you can email Rick directly here.

I'll take more photos when they're finished...if the weather holds out, they could be done by tomorrow afternoon. :)

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