Sunday, June 14, 2009

Eye of the Shepherd

Allyson loves shooting up close photos of our German Shepherd dog Max, and I've been waiting for one that I felt was perfect to publish. I think I've found it in this photo, titled "Eye of the Shepherd". He has his "intense" look instead of his "worried" look. (he's very good at doing both of those looks!) I've made the photo available as fine art prints, as well as cards, magnets, buttons and even a mousepad at Zazzle.

Max is very glad the roof is done...those guys being here for a week had him all wound up! He finally did get used to them, but he still prefers his routine. This is probably the most routine dog I've ever had! And he can tell time, too...he knows *exactly* when walk time is, and when it's time to go outside for his morning and evening potty times. He's actually way too smart...I can't even say "It's time for the you-know-what" because he knows what "you-know-what" means. Guess I'll have to change terms again just to stay one step ahead of him! :)

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