Thursday, February 25, 2010

Puppy With Red Ball Painting

The day started out with me thinking I'd be painting another Pug from our dog show photo inventory. However, this little fella (who has since been named "Buster"), caught my attention on Companion Pet Rescue's Facebook page.

Who could resist that face?! Not me! He said "paint me! paint me!". Only problem was he looked a little I gave him a red tug ball to play with. But he still looks kind of sad...I think he wants a HUMAN to play with. Perhaps you might be able to provide Buster (a male, Bernese Mountain Dog/Shepherd Mix) with his forever home? Read more about him here.

After finishing Buster's painting, I was thinking of possibly doing a theme of paintings for the next month. Even though we aren't into March yet, we're close enough, and I think Buster's painting will be the first one in this little series.

I'm calling the series "Dogs With Balls". Each dog will be portrayed with a ball in his/her painting. This should be quite fun, and I hope you'll subscribe to my blog in order to stay updated and see the new paintings as soon as they come out. They'll also appear on the front page of JaiArt.Com so you'll be able to view the entire gallery.

Want your pup to be included in the series? Email me a good, clear photo of your dog with his/her favorite ball. Give me your dog's name and location (city,state/country) as well. I'll let you know if I choose your dog for a painting. Let the fun begin!

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