Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Resting, a Great Dane painting

Bingo. With this painting, I finally got things figured out. I've been playing with many different techniques over the past several weeks, and while I do love all of the paintings I've completed, this one has the "look" I'm after. More free-flowing...more expressive.

This is another one of our dog show models. Just like the other paintings, the original photograph stunk. Okay, it wasn't soooooo bad. But still, not anything I'd publish. The dog, however, was very handsome, and I loved his pose. So he became my next painting, titled "Resting", as that's what he's doing after a long day in the show rings.

Prints can be purchased through JaiAllyson.Com and other gifts and cards through GalleryJai.Com.

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