Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Master of My House...a Black Cat

And the master's name is....Pistol. :) He certainly is one, too. He hates closed doors. Pistol feels he should have access to *everything*. I just caught him pushing open a closed bedroom door. I can't tell you how many times I've come out of the bathroom to find him sitting there, staring at me. He also doesn't like the lower kitchen cabinet doors to be closed...he has certain ones he can pull open with a paw, and we'll come home sometimes to 4 or 5 open doors.

It's very hard to get good photos of him. Our house is relatively dark in most areas, and unless I catch him sitting in front of a window, or I use the flash on the camera (which I HATE), I simply cannot accurately portray this cat. So I decided to bypass the camera and do a painting of him.

Pistol is a short-haired domestic, all black, master...ooops...I mean CAT. :) When I first saw him at the humane society, he was 12 weeks old. The time I spent trying to interact with him, he spent running up to the bigger cats, batting them on the head, and then taking off running. I had a feeling this cat could handle living with a dog just fine.

He quickly took control of the house. When I got my German Shepherd, Max, just over 3 years ago, it threw Pistol for a loop for a little while. He quickly came up with a game to play with the puppy. It's called I Run, You Chase. They still play it. Max anxiously awaits for Pistol to appear in the long hallway to the bedrooms, and once he appears, the chase is on. Pistol's favorite thing to do is run into "Max's bedroom" (i.e. the place which is supposed to be MY room), and sit on the bed, staring at him. Max can't stand it! But he won't do anything to get the cat off the bed. Because, secretly, Max is scared of Pistol.

It still amazes me a little 10 pound cat can take over the house like he has. I'm sure "cat people" know exactly what I'm talking about!

I hope you enjoy Pistol's painting. It's available as prints, cards, and on gifts in the cat section on my website.

P.S. I have my Custom Pet Portraits page ready for viewing on the website. I've created price options from small to large to fit all budgets.

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