Saturday, April 17, 2010

Driver's Seat | Rat Terrier Painting

This is Rufus the Rat Terrier, and this is another painting in my Dogs With Toys series. Yes, believe it or not, this doggie's favorite toy is the family vehicle. If it's moving, he wants to be in it. Not just in it, but in the driver's seat! Someone commented to me he looked like he was really in charge - well he is. All 10 pounds or so of him. :)

This painting was awarded a Today's Best Award from Zazzle.Com this week. Thanks Zazzle - as always, I am honored!

So what kind of toys does your dog like? Share your dog's photo playing with balls, stuffed toys, squeaky toys, plus toys which aren't considered a traditional dog toy, and your dog could be chosen to be in the "Dogs With Toys" series of artwork! Visit this page to see how.

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♥ Jai
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P.S. I just have to share some of my daughter's work...Allyson, age 16, is already an AWESOME photographer and has recently got into photographing various food items. This is her latest card and I thought the image is just fantastic of this deliciously-sweet cupcake:

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Wendy Wright said...

Jai just such a beautiful painting! I cannot believe you have no comments on this piece. It is so well done! :)
Congrats on ANOTHER Zazzle award! Yahoo! :)