Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Iced Tea and Teddy Bears

How about a cool, refreshing glass of tea? Or a couple of sweet, cuddly teddy bears?

These two pieces of art are designs created specifically for my new greeting card line titled "Sentiments". That's right - after 20 years, I've returned to writing verse for cards again.

I still have my first notebook here, which I started writing poems and verse in at age 13. I actually wrote in this same notebook all through college as well.

Now I have a new notebook and a lot of new experiences under my belt which come into play with the sentiments I'm writing.

The iced tea painting is on a friendship card.

The teddy bear painting is on a new baby congratulations card.

The iced tea painting and the teddy bear painting are both also available on a wide variety of other gift items, including fine art prints for those who like to decorate their space with simple designs like these.

Sunday afternoon, I spent some time outside with the birds, enjoying nature, while I wrote. I wrote four verses in a short amount of time.

When I was growing up, I used to ride my bike down to the back of our neighborhood - notebook and pen in hand - and I'd spend hours sitting at this quiet clearing in the woods beside a lake. Sometimes I'd write - sometimes I'd just enjoy the peace and quiet. It was a secret safe-haven I'd found to disappear to and spend time alone. Many years later, after I'd moved away, they built up the area with apartments. So my secret spot is gone, however, I bet one of those apartment/condos at the back, along the lake's edge, would be quite serene, especially if it has a balcony on which to sit and watch the lake.

I hope you enjoy watching this new greeting card line come to life - maybe you'll even find the perfect card to send to someone you care about!

Thanks so much for stopping in to view my work and for sharing my website with fellow art lovers! Comments are always welcome.

♥ Jai
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Wendy Wright said...

What fabulous paintings! The teddy bears look so soft and real, like I can give them a big hug! :) Thanks for sharing! :)