Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hamsters & Mice | New paintings

I took a break from my Dogs With Toys series this week to work with some of my other favorite critters - mice and hamsters.

This first painting is titled "Exhaust Pipe" and was inspired by a photo my daughter took of the exhaust pipe on my car. I actually made two separate images from this one painting...the one with the two mice and the exhaust pipe and then a separate piece of art featuring only the mouse on the ground.

Exhaust Pipe is available on fun cards, gifts, and prints here. Version two, titled "Me & My Shadow", is available here.

The third painting featured here today is of a sweet little hamster eating a rose. Titled "Snack From the Garden", it's a painting which will appeal to all the hamster owners out there, and it's available on cards and gifts here.

Thanks so much for stopping in to view my work and for sharing my website with fellow pet lovers! Comments are always welcome.

♥ Jai
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