Monday, May 24, 2010

Jackson and Clarksville TN Dog Show

I've had a BALL the last 4 days! My daughter and I spent hours down at the dog show here in Jackson, TN, which consisted of both the Clarksville and Jackson shows.

Between us, we took around 3,000 photos. Of course, since I don't like to use a flash, most are only suitable for reference photos for my paintings and pyrography work.

Allyson will be putting up the best dog photos on cards and gifts in her shop.

Keep an eye on my website for new paintings. :)
My favorite photo I captured is of this little girl showing her bulldog. Even though the pair didn't win in this class I was photographing, they did amazing in my eyes. I loved watching them!

Then there was Ria the German Shepherd. She won a blue ribbon in this class I was photographing. What a gorgeous dog!

Another favorite dog I spent some time photographing was Karma the Great Dane. She's just a puppy! She was a little nervous and shy, but I can see her becoming an expert at this in her future.

All in all, we had a great time, and we'll be able to bring you many fabulous gifts with beautiful dogs as a result.


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