Saturday, July 19, 2008

#7 The Good Ole Days

We haven't seen the kittens in 3 days now...but I've been searching for them! I snuck around the back of my neighbor's shed to see if they were back there, and I saw this pile of antique glass soda bottles. I thought the contrast between the greenish colored bottles and the red tray would make a nice photo.

As I look at this photo, it reminds me of the good ole days back at my grandparents house...sitting on the front porch on a hot summer day and sipping on a cold soda....ahhhhh....a nice memory!


P.S. Get cards and prints with this image here or purchase the royalty-free stock photo here.


Betty and Maverick said...

Gosh I love a soda that comes in a bottle!! Nice picture.

Kat Simpson said...

I miss the bottled sodas, too. But I do love my FOUNTAIN Dr. Pepper! Kat

Islipian said... bottle soda. so hard to come by here. i remember dr pepper in glass bottles in los angeles...and six came in a little wooden box! and remember the "2 4 12" I think it was, logo?

does anyone have mr pibb where they live?

Kat Simpson said...

Bettye, we hare Mr. pibb in several restaurants around Colorado Springs. . . .