Saturday, July 26, 2008

#18 Half-Full

So I have this HUGE green plastic cup. Meant to be a margarita cup for parties, but I bought it to put rocks in and do a ring display at the gallery. Since the gallery's closed now, I have the cup here. I was sitting there looking at it yesterday, and I told Allyson I thought Oreo might fit in there!

So here we go to the porch. Allyson grabs the kitten, I grab the camera, she positions Oreo in the glass, steps back, and I start shooting. Oreo was none-too-thrilled with this ordeal, but being the good little future-model she is, she went ahead and put up with it. I got about 4 good shots (all shown in a previous post).

Using this particular image, I designed a greeting card. This one goes into my humorous category on JaiCards.Com, for sure! The verse for the card says "You can look at life one of three ways...Half-full...Half-Empty... or Full of Cat! Have a great day!"

So I'll leave you today with that - have a great day. :)


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