Sunday, July 27, 2008

I got him! #19 The Hummingbird

Okay, so it's not the best photo in the world because I had to use the zoom and he was moving and so was I...but at least you can finally see one of these birds I've been chasing for a week! Click on the photos to see the larger ones so you can see him better.

These little birds are SO fast. I saw two fighting in front of the Hibiscus bush so I was aiming just in case they came back and one did. He was only there a second and then was gone like a flash.

Of course half the times I'm on the back porch (without the camera) they still come up to my wildflowers and "hum" right in front of me...almost as if they're saying "Ha can't catch me!". :)

InJoy, Jai


Iris said...

Those little rascals really are difficult to photograph - good job.

Z-ville said...

Great shot of that little guy! I've tried to photograph them, and by the time I press the button, they long gone!