Monday, July 14, 2008

#2 This Ain't Good Morning!

"I've lost my brother & sisters, a big dog tried to sniff me, and my food bowl is empty. Tell me one thing good about this morning 'cuz I haven't found it yet!"

This is one of Bootsie's kittens. She's been climbing the screen on my office window this morning. If we go near the window, she hisses at us...she's scared as she's been separated from the other two kittens. I found Boots and took her out front to the baby, then snapped this photo after she jumped up on Bootsie's chair. She is NOT looking happy. What can I's MONDAY! :)


P.S. Cards, prints and more with this image are available here or purchase the royalty-free stock photo here.


Betty H. said...

Awe.......Poor Kitty. Hopefully she'll come around and let you pet her and really love on her.

Betty H. said...

OH!! I meant to say I love the way you're marketing your prints. If I can get some good shots of things, I may do that, too. Call it my 365 line.

Islipian said...

Oh my GAWD, is she a LOVE! Can you smoosh her into a prio envelope and send her to me so I can eat her up??

Jai Johnson said...

LOL...yeah, she is cute. :) Her name is "Oreo". I told Allyson not to try to pet her - that she might bite...I got home from work and Allyson's first words: "Mom, I pet her several times today! She let me!" With that going on, she'll be tame in no time. I still don't know where the other two kittens are. Maybe I'll find them today. --Jai

Iris said...

What an absolute doll!

Carole & Chewy said...

Wild kitties are the best - our "wild kitty" just passed away last month -she showed up to eat, and occasionally rubbed up against us -but in no way were we allowed to pick her up. At least your kitty poses for pics! She'll come around.