Sunday, July 13, 2008

#1 Dinnertime! A frog enjoys his dinner

It's amazing what you can see on your street that's cool enough to photograph. Can we get 365 days of neat things? Sure thing! Keep watching....:) Both my daughter Allyson and myself photograph things here - right on our corner lot - all the time.

I'm sharing one of my recent favorites as my photo #1. Allyson says, "Mom, the tree frog is on the window!" I asked, "Did you get a photo?" "No." Well, of course I had to rectify that! By the time I got the camera and got to the door to go outside, the frog had jumped off the window. I saw him on the porch, so I waited to open the door to see where he was going to go...he jumped right toward me and landed here on the small accent windows alongside the door.

Gently, I pushed open the door and stuck just the lens outside and started shooting. I got this picture totally by was the first one I shot and I had NO CLUE the little guy was sucking down a bug the size of his little belly!

I've titled my first photo for this project "Dinnertime!" (we think his eyes are bigger than his stomach!).


P.S. Purchase the royalty-free stock photo here.


Iris said...

Good photo Jai!

Kat said...

WOW! That is a GREAT shot!