Monday, July 28, 2008

#20, #21, and #22 - Hope you all aren't tired of kittens!

Oreo and Rowdy are laying together under the bush, and as usual, Oreo is awake, watching over her best buddy. It would be nice, wouldn't it, to know that while you rest, someone is always looking out for you to make sure you stay safe.

This is the first time Rowdy has seen a tennis ball. This is actually photo #2 of a couple I shot of him giving the ball "the look". He never did approach it, and never has played with it. I guess he has an inherent dislike for tennis balls. LOL! Check out his stance - he is NOT comfortable at all. Maybe someday he'll warm up to it. His sister, Oreo, already has played with it several times. And of course, Max, our German Shepherd, is *extremely* jealous I gave the kittens one of his new tennis balls. :)

Below, Rowdy continues his stare down with the tennis ball. Once again, it's his expression that makes this photo priceless! Oreo had actually started playing with him at this point, as if she were saying "C'mon boy, lighten up! It's just a BALL for pete's sake!"


Iris said...

Those kittens are adorable - but I think you're right, Rowdy isn't crazy about that tennis ball.


Never get tired of kitten photos -- but I swear I'm coming to get Oreo and Rowdy too -- they are so cute.