Saturday, February 7, 2009

I voted for God.

I Voted For God Women's T-Shirt

As I read sparse emails coming in from friends in KY who are still without power from the ice storm, I become more and more disgusted. This one story, in particular, hit the nail on the head for me. A lady has a 30 foot tree on her home - obviously she has no utilities. She thinks - because it has been declared a "state of emergency" - that the government will step in and help. She has very little food, no power, no water, intermittent phone service, no way to get anywhere farther than a few blocks, and no money. To get food, she is being charged money; same for water. To get batteries, propane for a small heater to heat the one room she is holed up in, to get ANYTHING, she is being charged money.

So where is this "emergency assistance"? She's on a waiting list to get her utilities fixed. Before she can even have her utilities worked on, she must have the 30 foot tree removed from the house. To get the tree removed, she needs to pay for it. Again, I ask, where is this "emergency assistance" from the government, that swooped in with a declaration of emergency for this state? What exactly does "emergency assistance" mean?

Mistakenly, she, as well as I and many others, thought help would be forthcoming without a hand being held out asking for money. I would have *assumed* the businesses that can and are able to help these people would be set up to be reimbursed for their expenses by the government's "emergency assistance" package. I would have never guessed these people suffering from this horrid act of nature would be charged to have their lives sustained, or put back in basic order.

So the 30 foot tree needs to be removed - the government isn't paying for it...and according to her insurance company...they aren't either. So what's a woman to do?

She calls on the ONE...the only one...who will truly be there for her in such times. God. She called out to him for help, and soon a group of members from her local church are there with chain saws to remove this tree from her home and roof - and at no charge.

When I read that, I knew I voted for the right one this year. I voted for God. I didn't have to go register, stand in line, fill out a ballot or punch things in a computer. All I had to do was stay home and vote with my heart, my soul, and my mind, for the only one who can - and will - truly make a difference in this world. He and his "cabinet" will do so much more for this world than groups of politicians from a variety of belief systems that spend more time arguing and debating than doing the one simple thing they could do to make a difference --> lend a helping of charge, of course.

And that, my friends, is the motivation behind this latest design, I voted for God.

I Voted For God Women's T-Shirt

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