Sunday, February 8, 2009

Original Photos Turned into Painted Masterpieces...

There are those photos which are somewhat decent, but just not "great". I've been taking some of those and applying some artistic digital techniques to them. The above photo Allyson got of Abby is okay. But the altered photo below, is a colorful representation which looks like a painting!

Then I decided to try my hand with a little still life. The below photo is one of a chocolate heart sitting on apples. Once again, okay, but could be better.

Now look at it! Rich, colorful, like a painting...and almost good enough to eat! :)

Here's a rather bland photo of a concrete bird bath.

After doing a good bit of work on it, now look: a painting. It's so much fun to take these okay-but-not-so-hot images and turn them into something really cool, worthy of become an artistic addition to any space!

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