Sunday, February 8, 2009

Introducing the Kittens' Father, Mr. Tuxedo

We have now befriended the man. :) We aren't sure if he is the father of ALL, but we feel sure he is Nikko's father, due to his long whiskers, which she also has.
Hard to believe this beautiful cat is a stray. He must be, though, because he is around all the of the night...mid-morning. Unfortunately, he still doesn't get along with the others. They are reluctant to accept him, and he is rather bossy (which could actually be his fear of them...he doesn't seem to want to FIGHT them...he just wants them to go away).

I love this photo of him lounging. I made him a star by turning his photo into a colorful digital painting, as shown below.

The boy eats a lot. Ahem. If you would like to purchase prints of this photo - or any of our other already-famous kittens - please visit our Etsy Shop here. They will purr with delight when they see the cat food rolling in. :)

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