Friday, February 20, 2009

No Justice for Dusty? What is WRONG with this world?

It is a sign of a very sick and sad society when juveniles can get away with this kind of abuse. According to the recent article in the Lawton Constitution News in Lawton, Oklahoma, the two boys who cruelly abused a family cat and posted their abuse videos to YouTube, will be prosecuted as juveniles, despite their obvious pre-meditated plan to produce their "movie", which included wearing masks on camera as if they were in some Ninja-fight movie, and talking about a future production which would involve running over the cat with the lawnmower - and filming it, of course.

They had the forethought to plan out this grand production of supreme animal abuse, yet they are to be treated like children and spanked and sent to their rooms. SICK. It's just SICK. It makes me believe even less (than I already do) in our system of justice in this country. It's not fair - has never been fair - and after this, I've concluded it will never get better.

If this had happened in my household, I can assure you there would be no need for the "legal system", as I have my own legal system I would impart upon my children should they ever do something so uncaring and cruel. I can assure you, they'd be better off in jail then being at home.

I do NOT put up with animal abusers. Animals are creatures of God, and abuse of an animal is just as bad as abuse of a human, in my opinion. Should these boys have abused the teenage girl down the street, or the child of a friend of the family, I am sure the case would be directed quite differently. Unfortunately the powers-that-be do not value animals as they do humans, and that's one thing that has - does - and will continue to disgust me about this world we live in.

Mahatma Gandhi said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."


Ron George said...

Thank you for the post.

Julie said...

Thanks for the heads up!!
I passed info on.. those little bastards will pay one way or another.
I posted the petition on myspace and have been plastering it everywhere else I can. :)

Michael said...

Spoken from the heart. What comes around goes around. I applaud your courage for saying how you feel on an open forum such as this.

Cheoelleon said...

I agree with you that this awful. I think when teenage boys get together they act like dogs in a pack. You may have a sweet pet dog, but once in a pack it will perform a jeckyl/hyde right in front of your eyes. I don't know what the punishment should be for this crime. But a "spanking" as you said won't cure it.
One thing you mentioned did cause my brow to raise. I can't agree that human life is equal to that of a cat. If you think about that statement you will adjust your belief. Imagine your child and a cat in danger of immediate death, according to what you said it would be a 50/50 choice of which to rescue?
Other than that I agree and applaud your efforts and I support you.