Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ragdoll Cat Found in South Jackson, TN!

We feel quite certain our stray we've been calling Mr. T (who we believe to be the kitten's father) is a Ragdoll. He fits the criteria, has the mannerisms, and appears to be a solid black mitted Ragdoll. He is huge, and heavy...I believe he probably weighs 12-15 pounds. We are searching for his owner. We are located in South Jackson, TN close to Highland Avenue in the Marketplace Grocery Store area. If you have lost this cat, or know who may have lost him, please email me!


Carole and Chewy said...

What a beautiful cat! He looks like he's wearing a formal tux and has left his cane somewhere. When he finds it, he'll breakout into Puttin On the Ritz!

Jai Johnson said...

Yes, he does look like that! That's why Bill named him Mr. Tuxedo. I call him Mr. T for short. I hope I can find who he belongs to - a lot of Jackson folks read this blog, so I'm hoping someone will pass the word and help find his home. If not, I'll have to find him a good home.